• A student will be admitted to the B. Th. Comprehensive Examinations only if he has fulfilled the following requirements:
    a. He has successfully completed all prescribed courses, Seminar and B. Th. Paper.
    b. He has attended and successfully completed all the prescribed pastoral courses.
  • There will be three Comprehensive Examinations: Sacred Scripture, Sacred Theology, and Moral Theology.
  • All Examinations will be oral for a duration of 30 minutes before a panel of two or more examiners.
  • Every student is required to sit for a Written Examination. The duration of this examination is three to four hours. The written answer should be of twelve to fifteen pages.
  • To recommend a student for B.Th. Degree awarded by Urbaniana University, Rome, he must have secured an average of 70% in the first four semesters and passed both the Oral and Written Comprehensive Examinations.
  • Theological studies in preparation for priestly ordination will be considered complete only when one has passed all Comprehensive Examinations.