• All students should have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent.
  • All students should have completed a two- or three-year course in philosophy.
  • All students should furnish the following documents for admission:
    a. Copy of the Certificates and Mark sheets of the Bachelor’s Degree (or its equivalent) and Philosophicals studies.
    b. Copy of the first page of the SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) as proof for the official name, date of birth, and place of birth.
    c. Copy of the Certificates of Baptism and Confirmation, and Marriage Certificate of Parents.
    d. An official Photo Identity Card issued by the Bishop or Religious Superior of the student, which is necessary for registering the student in the University. The Identity Card should contain the following information:
    Name (without any prefix like Br or Bro), date of birth, and place of birth as given in the SSLC.
    Short forms used for names in the SSLC should be expanded in brackets without changing the order: Eg. Tomy P.D. (Palely Devassy), or P.D. (Palely Devassy) Tomy as the case may be in the SSLC.
    The official seal and signature of the Bishop or Religious Superior, besides other necessary details like date and place of issue and Identity Card Number.
    It will not be possible to change any data once a student is registered in the University with the information provided in the Identity Card.
    e. Application Form for Admission duly filled in and Signed by the student.
    f. Six passport-size colour Photographs recently taken.