The College has instituted an Annual Award, dedicated to the loving memory of Most Rev. Hubert D’Rosario SDB, the late Archbishop of Shillong, who was the founder of the College. It is given to the final year B.Th. student for the overall Academic excellence, and it consists of a citation and a grant of Rs. 5001.00. The award was established in the Silver Jubilee Year of the College in 2004.

Recipients of the Award

          Batch                     Name                                                                            Diocese/Congregation

  • 2001-2005            Fr. Kapani Samuel                                                            Archdiocese of Imphal
  • 2002-2006            Fr. Zodinliana James                                                       Diocese of Aizawl
  • 2003-2007            Fr. Ben Anton Rose                                                          Diocese of Jabalpur
  • 2004-2008            Fr. Jomi Panithas                                                             Archdiocese of Bhopal
  • 2005-2009            Fr. Khangsu Vialo Zingkhai                                             Archdiocese of Imphal
  • 2006-2010            Fr. Raj Kapoor                                                                   Archdiocese of Guwahati
  • 2007-2011            Fr. Mannachakuzhy Shijo Paul MSFS                            Northeast India Province
  • 2008-2012            Fr. Marngar Jimmy                                                           Archdiocese of Shillong
  • 2009-2013            Fr. S. Prem Kumar MSFS                                                 Northeast India Province
  • 2010-2014            Fr. Paul Raj Stephen Daning Prabhu CMF                      Chennai Province
  • 2011-2015            Fr. Syiemlieh James Anderson                                         Nongstoin
  • 2012-2016            Fr. Matesou Isaac                                                              Archdiocese of Imphal
  • 2013-2017            Fr. Thadathil Jaimon MSFS                                              Northeast India Province
  • 2014-2018            Fr. Parambukattil Melvin MSFS                                        Northeast India Province