The Academic Council consists of all permanent resident teaching staff of Oriens and Representatives of the Rectors of Study Houses that send students to the College

Disciplinary Action

The final authority responsible for maintaining discipline in the Institute shall be the Disciplinary Action Committee headed by the Director. The Disciplinary Action Committee shall investigate the matter, and after giving fair hearing to the student, if the misconduct is conclusively proven, the following will be the disciplinary actions applied:

i) The student/s will be sent to one’s respective Bishop or Provincial to meet in person for his or her decision on disciplinary action to be taken.

ii) If the Bishop or Provincial permits the student to continue the course, he or she will have to repeat the entire semester examinations as per the convenience of the Institute, meeting all the expenses for such examinations.

iii) In case the misconduct occurs after the sixth semester examinations, one will be debarred to appear for the B.Th. examination in the current year.