This is a consultative body consisting of four representatives (Class Beadles) – one each from the four courses – elected at the beginning of the Academic Year, and the House Beadle of Oriens and four other members – one from each of the four courses – nominated by the Head of the Department, ensuring also adequate representation from the various Study Houses.


The purpose of this Council is to ensure effective and responsible participation of the students in the Academic programme of the College and to facilitate communication between the student body and the Academic Council and the Head of Department, and share responsibilities in organizing co-curricular activities in the College.

  • Ajay (Year III)   –    President
  • MICHAL Raj  (Year III)    –     Vice-President
  • NAULAK Samuel (Year III)     –    Member
  • DANG Amit (Year III)     –    Member
  • NIJU Joshy, SDS (Year II)   –  Joint-Secretary & Treasurer
  • WAHLANG Wadbhabantei, OFM Cap(Year II)     –      Member
  • BARA Adip (Year II) –       Member
  • Ricky (Year I)    –     Member
  • KUJUR Princ (Year I)    –     Member