The College has a well equipped Library. It houses a collection of more than 34,000 books on Sacred Scripture, Theology, Philosophy, Sociology, Counselling and Psychology, World Religions, and Indian Studies, particularly Northeast Tribal Studies. There are over 500 bound volumes of reviews and about 175 periodicals of different categories. It has a spacious and well stacked Reference section with a seating capacity for 50 people. The Library is fully computerized to enable staff and students to have easy access to titles and authors, and other resources of the library.

Cultural-Historical Documentation Centre

The Church in Northeast India is predominantly tribal in character and the vast majority of its Christians belong to the tribal population. In order to facilitate the study of their various cultures and religious beliefs, a Cultural-Historical Documentation Centre also has been established in the College. The Documentation Centre gathers and maintains information on the Church, the socio-cultural, political and religious life of the people in the region.

Religio-Cultural Museum

The Museum attached to the Cultural-Historical Documentation Centre has a rich and rare collection of articles and artefacts, depicting the life and culture of the people of Northeast India. The Museum also offers detailed statistical information about the Catholic Church in Northeast India.


The College has a Publication Department called Oriens Publications. It brings out regularly books and monographs relevant to theological formation and pastoral ministry in Northeast India. The College also publishes a theological journal called Oriens Journal for Contextual Theology which appears annually. The College, on behalf of the Diocesan Priests of the Region, also edits and publishes The Diocesan Priest, a bi-annual, primarily for contextual and pastoral reflection.

Some Publications from Oriens

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